About BTSTBuyAnyCar

With more than 30,000 Members in the UK, we decided to add a service for people who don’t want to deal with the hassle of selling their car, which can often be an uncomfortable and annoying experience, with predatory traders ‘trying their luck’ at offering ridiculously low prices…

Of course, by selling to a car buying service, you are not getting “top money” for your car, but the major benefit is that the experience will — with us at least — be stress free.

You won’t have to deal with buyers messing you around, telling you everything thats “wrong” with your beloved car, agreeing a price and then trying to knock you down later and so on!

BTSTBuyAnyCar is of course a cheeky take on a very famous car buying service. Our idea is simple – pay significantly more than their quote (their displayed quote, not a knocked down version of it!) and make the experience completely stress-free for you.

We’ll collect the car at your convenience and pay you within the hour.

How does it work?

Sell your car in 3 easy steps

Simply enter your reg number and car mileage to get your instant valuation for free and sell your car without the hassle.


Enter Reg and Mileage

Input the required information.


Get Valuation

Get an offer by a human.


Sell Your Car

We'll buy your car in under an hour.

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