Step #1
Enter your reg and mileage and let us know if there are any issues with the vehicle;

Step #2
We will manually check what we can pay for your vehicle, and that its significantly more than webuyanycar;

Step #3
Assuming it is, we will make the offer;

Step #4
If you accept, we will do a HPI check. If there is finance on the vehicle we will contact you to discuss how we can settle it. If the vehicle is a “category” we will probably have to amend the offer slightly;

Step #5
We’ll organise a Driver to collect your vehicle at your convenience (if you prefer to deliver, we could pay you to do so);

Step #6
The Driver will inspect the car and paperwork and if everything is in order collect the car;

Step #7
We will pay you on the same working day if collected before 3pm or by midday the follwing working day if after (if you want to be paid on collection this will be possible but please let us know in advance so we can have someone on standby to liaise with the Driver after they have inspected the vehicle).

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